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Key Words for Graphics and their definitions

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Question Answer
Computer Aided Design (CAD) computer.jpg (image/jpg) The use of computer programs to design products and components with greater efficiency and accuracy
Non-Renewable Energy Sources oil.jpg (image/jpg) Energy sources like coal or oil that will eventually run out.
Modern Materials Materials that have been developed through the use of new or improved technologies, rather than naturally occurring changes.
‘Throwaway’ Culture rubbish.jpg (image/jpg) A culture with an attitude to using things (consumption) that pays little attention to the need to conserve resources.
Components Components_iphone.jpg (image/jpg) The parts of a product that go to make up the whole
Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) machine_graphics.jpg (image/jpg) The use of computer controlled machinery and equipment to manufacture products and components with greater efficiency and accuracy
Multinational flags.jpg (image/jpg) A company which does business in many countries.
Tensile Strength A materials ability to resist stretching, compressing or pulling forces.
Translucent transparant.jpg (image/jpg) Partially transparent, like frosted glass.
Mass Production production_line.jpg (image/jpg) The manufacture of a product on a large scale using an assembly line, or another efficient means of production.
Deforestation deforestation.jpg (image/jpg) The chopping down and removal of trees to clear an area of forest.
Reforestation planting_tree.jpg (image/jpg) When companies replace the trees that they use during production
Offset Lithography lithography.jpg (image/jpg) A widespread commercial printing process where ink is ‘offset’ from a printing plate to a rubber roller and then to paper.
Vacuum Forming vaccum_forming.png (image/png) A thermoforming process in which a softened polymer sheet is ‘sucked’ over a mould to make shell structures/casing.
Target Market Group (TMG) The customers who a manufacturer wants to aim it’s products at
Planned Obsolescence update.jpg (image/jpg) Business practice of deliberating outdating a product before the end of its useful life and introducing a newer model or version.
Desktop Publishing (DTP) The use of a computer program to design the arrangement of text, images and graphics on a printed page.
One Off Production bespoke.jpg (image/jpg) The manufacture of a single high quality product. (Bespoke)
Sweatshop sweatshop.jpg (image/jpg) A factory or workshop where manual workers are employed in poor conditions for low wages.
Injection Moulding injection_moulding.jpg (image/jpg) A highly automated manufacturing process in which a polymer is injected into a mould under high pressure. This process is particularly suited to producing complex shapes.
Ergonomic ergonomic.jpg (image/jpg) Designing products according to human needs, such as being comfortable and avoiding strain or injury
Sustainability The ability to keep our quality of life at the same rate or level. From this stems that idea that the current generation of people should not damage the environment in ways that will threaten future generations’ environment and quality of life.
working_drawing.gif (image/gif) Technical drawing, drawn at full size or to scale and contains factual information relating to a product’s appearance and dimensions. It should include all the necessary information for you or anyone else to make the product.
Blow Moulding blow_moulding.png (image/png) The process of using air, under pressure, to give form to hollow products using polymers e.g. PET fizzy drinks bottle.
exploded_drawing.jpg (image/jpg) Exploded Drawing Shows a product pulled apart, laid out in an ordered and linear form.
Prototype prototype.jpg (image/jpg) A detailed 3-dimensional model made from inexpensive modelling materials to test a product during the development process. A prototype can also be the first functioning product produced that many will follow form
Solar Energy solar_panel.jpg (image/jpg) The light and heat generated by the sun.
Biomass wood_chip_boimass.jpg (image/jpg) Organic matter such as timber and crops grown specifically to be burnt in order to generate heat and power or made into biofuels used in transport.
Finite Resource coal.jpg (image/jpg) Natural resources of which there is a limited supply, like coal or gas.
quality_assured.jpg (image/jpg) A system applied to every stage of design and manufacture ensuring conformity to specifications to make identical products with zero faults.
Smart Materials Can change in response to differences in temperature or light.
biofuels.jpg (image/jpg) Fuel sources derived from agricultural crops.
Form form.jpg (image/jpg) The shape and style of a product, its aesthetic properties.
Quality Control (QC) qc.jpg (image/jpg) Checking and testing at critical control points in the manufacture of a product. Part of the overall quality assurance process.
Renewable Sources of Energy energy.jpg (image/jpg) Sources of energy that can be re-grown or used again. They include wind and solar energy, biomass and sustainable/managed forests.
greenhouse.jpg (image/jpg) Those gases in the atmosphere that absorb outgoing radiation, hence increasing the temperature of the atmosphere e.g. CO2
Batch Production Manufacturing process in which components or products are produced in groups (batches) and not in a continuous stream.
Function The means by which a product fulfils its purpose. (It's job)
Rapid Prototyping (RPT) A CAD/CAM process that quickly creates 3D prototype products for testing during the development process.
Global Warming global_warming.jpg (image/jpg) A trend whereby global temperatures rise over time, linked in modern times, with human production of greenhouse gases.
Aesthetics-1.png (image/png) The sensory responses that people make to stimuli such as colour, shape, smell and touch. Visual aesthetics refers specifically to those that are concerned with appearance i.e. the look of a product.