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what is a microscope? A microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are to small to be seen with the naked eye.
what is a specimen? A specimen is an animal, plant and piece.
what is a light microscope? a light microscope uses focused light and lenses to magnify a specimen.
what is a image? what u see through a microscope is called an image
what is a stereo microscope? a binocular microscope that gives a relativity stereoscopic view of the microscope.
what is a field of view ? the amount of specimen seen through a microscope
what is an electron microscope ? a microscope that uses tiny particles as electron instead of light.
the parts of a microscope you will see it in the next slides
ocular lens magnifies the image(or zoom in).
objective lens zooms in or magnifies the image.
mirror or lamp directs light through the stage and specimen or object
handle for carrying the microscope
focus knob use to focus image on high power
course focus knob used to focus the image on low power
what is dissect? to study the body part of an animal.
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