The Right to Life

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Question Answer
What is meant by the sanctity of life? Include Bible quotes Human life is sacred and is precious. "You shall not murder" "So God created man in his own image"
What is abortion? The deliberate termination of a pregnancy resulting in the death of the embryo or foetus
Abortions are legal today if... Two doctors agree The point of viability has not been reached Continuing the pregnancy is a risk to the mother and/or foetus Significant risk of severe disability
How is abortion carried out? Pill Vacuum aspiration Partial Birth abortion (later pregnancies)
Why do women have abortions? Result of a casual sexual encounter where a child is not desired Interfere with career or lifestyle Rape or incest Medical abnormality in child Mothers life is threatened
When is the point of viability? 24 weeks
When is the start of human life according to the Catholic Church? Conception "Before I was born the Lord called me"
Pro Choice Arguments The right to choose Unsafe abortions Mother incapable Life of mother Compassionate killing Women in hardship Free Will
Pro-Life Arguments "You shall not murder" "You are God's temple.. if anyone destroys God's temple God will destroy him" Human life begins at conception Embryo can feel pain and suffer Mental health of the mother
What are the alternatives to abortion? Social and Financial Support from the Church Counselling Welcoming single mothers into Church life Offering fostering Adoption
What is Euthanasia? Inducing a painless death to someone in suffering, also known as a 'mercy killing'
Why might people want Euthanasia? Loss of quality of life Severe suffering
What is Voluntary Euthanasia? When a person wants to die and asks for help in doing so. This help may include by providing a lethal overdose.
Why do Churches disagree with Voluntary Euthanasia? "You shall not murder" Jesus brought healing and life to people, not death Suffering is part of being a follower of Christ "It is God who gives life and only God can take it away"
What is Involuntary Euthanasia? When a persons wishes cannot be given for some reason, such as being in a coma, or unable to make a decision. Someone else decides to end that persons life.
Christian Responses to Involuntary Euthanasia "blessed are the merciful" "Intentional murder"
What is Active Euthanasia? Something is actively done to end a persons life e.g. lethal overdose
What is Passive Euthanasia? Something is not done to prolong life e.g. withdrawal of treatment
What is a hospice? Where people go to die with dignity
How is a hospice a Christian response? Emphasises compassionate care with pain relief Emphasises spiritual healing Emphasises the value of human life
How is a hospice a Christian response? Emphasises compassionate care with pain relief Emphasises spiritual healing Emphasises the value of human life