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Astronomy DSO flashcards

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Question Answer
Sn2014j (binary/octet-stream) SN2014J
Ngc 4993 (binary/octet-stream) NGC 4993
Tucanae 48 (binary/octet-stream) 47 Tucanae/X9
Sagitarrius (binary/octet-stream) Sagittarius A*
Abell 400 (binary/octet-stream) Abell 400
Chandra Deep Field South (binary/octet-stream) Chandra Deep Field South
1. Antennae (binary/octet-stream) Antennae Galaxies
2. M51, Ngc 5195 (binary/octet-stream) M51/NGC 5195
3. M81 M82 (binary/octet-stream) M81/M82
4. Eso 137 001 (binary/octet-stream) ESO 137-001
5. Ic10 (binary/octet-stream) IC 10
6. M100 (binary/octet-stream) M100
7. Cen A (binary/octet-stream) Cen A
8. Phoenix Cluster (binary/octet-stream) Phoenix Cluster
9. Spt 0346 52 (binary/octet-stream) SPT 0346-52
SN2014J - Type Ia supernova - one of the closest supernovas discovered in decades - in M82 galaxy - discovered January 21, 2014
NGC 4993 - contains a gravitational wave event called GW170817 - aftermath of gravitational waves also emit X-Rays - gives strong evidence of being a short gamma-ray burst kilonova (occurs after two neutron stars merge)
47 Tucanae/X9 - a dense cluster of stars on the edge of the Milky Way - the closest orbit between a star and a black hole - binary: X9 a white dwarf and a stellar mass black hole
Sagittarius A* - located in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy
Abell 400 - a galaxy cluster - shows radio jets immersed in a vast cloud of multi million degree X-ray emitting gas - jets emanate from two supermassive black holes - black holes in dumbbell galaxy NGC 1128
Chandra Deep Field South - contains the highest concentration of black holes ever seen - deepest X-ray image ever - gives a look at the growth of black holes
Antennae Galaxies - starburst galaxy - two spiral galaxies merging together - super star clusters: brightest and most compact of these star birth regions - lots of supernovas
M51/NGC 5195 - one of the nearest supermassive black holes - contains a large spiral galaxy NGC 5194 (Whirpool galaxy) mergind with smaller companion NGC 5195
M81/M82 s
EsO 137-001 ds
IC 10 s
M100 d
Cen A s
Phoenix Cluster d
SPT 0346-52 s