The Nature of Science

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The Nature of Science
1 Astronomy
1.1 Objects beyond Earth's atmosphere
1.2 Earth's neighbors, distant stars, and other cosmic bodies
2 Meteorology
2.1 Forces and processes that produce weather
2.2 Blanket of air that surrounds Earth
3 Geology
3.1 Materials that make up Earth
3.2 Rocks, glacial, movements, and clues to Earth's history
4 Oceanography
4.1 Physical and chemical properties of the ocean
4.2 Creatures that inhabit salty water
5 Subspecialties
5.1 Climatology
5.2 Hydrology
5.2.1 Water flow on and below Earth's surface
5.3 Paleontology
5.3.1 Study of ancient enviorments
5.4 Geochemistry
5.4.1 The processes that change Earth's composition
6 Parts of the Earth
6.1 Lithosphere
6.1.1 Rigid outer shell
6.2 Hydrosphere
6.2.1 The water in Earth's oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and glaciers
6.3 Atmosphere
6.3.1 The blanket of gases that surround Earth
6.4 Asthenosphere
6.4.1 Partially molten layer of the mantle
6.5 Biosphere
6.5.1 Includes all organisms on Earth and the enviorments they live in
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