UK Aging population

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where is an aging population Uk
why is the UK an aging population? -increasing life expectancy because advance in medical care and standard of living. (1980-2006 rose 2.6 for W and 6.4 for M) -lots of births in 1940-60 (baby boom) meaning there is now lots of pensioners (pensioner boom.)
what are the Uk's problems of becoming an aging population? -more elderly living in poverty as less economically active to support pensions. -tax higher to try and support pensions -health service under pressure as more elderly need care as average stay for an over 75 is 13 nights but whole of UK is 8 nights.
what are the management strategies the UK have? -raise retirement age -increase immigration of young people to UK so there are more economically active paying tax.80% of EU immigrants were under 34 in 2004. -Encourage private pensions so people are less dependant on state pensions. -encourage births so there is working family tax as women and male go to work after child is born making it more affordable.
why do we not know if the management has worked? it is too soon to say however it is a long process and is likely to be ongoing over many generations and will most likely work for a long time of their life.
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