GCSE Urbanisation Key Terms

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Megacity A city > 10 million people
Brownfield A site of old industry/buildings which can be cleared and built on OR a site which has previously built on.
Greenfield An area of land which has never been built on.
HIC High Income Country- a country with a developed economy and government.
LIC Low Income Country - a country with a lack of infrastructure and economic stability.
CBD Central Business District - The centre of a city with mainly offices and businesses.
Inner City The area surrounding the CBD which is dominated by old industry and terraced housing.
RUF Rural Urban Fringe - The area surrounding the city which connects the rural to the urban.
Shanty Town an area of improvised housing using scrap materials built by impoverished people.
Self - Help Local Authorities give building materials to encourage home improvements.
Site and Service Local Authorities get a plot of land and put in sewage, water and electricity and then give building materials for the locals to build on that space.
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