Diet and Metabolic Rate

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Define "Good Health" A diet that provides the right amount of energy but no more
Why are carbohydrates important in your diet? They release energy
Why are fats important in your diet? They keep you warm and release energy
Why is protein important in your diet? It helps your growth, cell repair and cell replacement.
Why is fibre important in your diet? It keeps everything moving smoothly in your digestive system.
What are vitamins and mineral ions important in your diet? They keep you skin, bones, blood and everything else generally healthy.
Why do you need energy? Because it fuels chemical reactions in the body to keep you alive.
What are the reactions that keep you alive called? You metabolism
What is the rate of chemical reactions in your body called? Your metabolic rate
What needs more energy, muscle or fatty tissue? muscle
Who will have a higher metabolic rate? A fat person or a muscular person? A muscular person
Who has a higher metabolic rate? Bigger people or smaller people? Why? Bigger people because you have more cells in your body if you are bigger.
Who has a higher metabolic rate? Men or women? Why? Men because they are more muscular and slightly bigger.
What 2 other things can effect your metabolic rate? Genetic factors and regular exercise
Why does regular exercise affect your metabolic rate? Because it builds muscle which boosts your resting metabolic rate
What happens to your metabolic rate when you exercise? It goes up and stays high for quite a while after you finish.
Who needs more energy? An office worker or a builder? A builder because he has a physically demanding job.
If you do little exercise, what food groups do you need less of? Fat and carbohydrate
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