C - Client-Server & Peer-to-peer

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Client-Server Network A client-server network has a powerful computer known as a server which provides all of the services required on a network. These can include roles such as: > File storage > Backup > Application sharing > Printer management
Client-Server Networks The client computers are all connected to the server via a network communication device, e.g. switch. In order to access resources such as files, users are required to log on at client computers using a username and password. Once connected to the server, a user will have access to: > A dedicated amount of private storage space > Printers > Files, if permission has been granted > Software used within the organisation
Peer-to-peer Network A peer-to-peer network has no central server. Each computer performs its own functions and may share some resources with other computers on the network. A peer-to-peer network is often used in smaller organisations, where as a client-server network is often found in larger organisations.
peer-to-peer Networks This type of network is much easier to set up and that it why it is often found in homes & small business. However, each computer has to be maintained individually which can lead to unreliability within the network.
Client-Server Characteristics > Backups, security and anti-virus solutions are managed centrally > All networking processing is done centrally, providing the users with more processing power > Data and applications are available from any user > Software is installed on the server and then can be used by every user > Large hard disks & lots of memory are required as servers require a lot of processing power > If the server fails then users have no access to any network resources > A network manager is usually required to maintain the network and server > The network can be slowed down if many users are access applications that are run directly from the server.
Peer-to-Peer Characteristics > Each user is responsible for: - Backing up their own data - Installing & keeping anti-virus software up-to-date on their computer - Installing software programs on their PC > All processing is done by each individual computer > The user has to use the same computer each time in order to access their files and software > Some users may not be able to access some peripherals due to security settings > There's no reliance on a single server - if one computer fails, only shared files are lost > Network traffic is minimal
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