Bacterial Diversity

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Question Answer
Proteobacteria Gram +/- Gram -
Proteobacteria lifestyle Free living, symbionts, pathogens
Proteobacteria morphology Nitrogen and sulfur
Proteobacteria defining character Lipopolysaccharide outer membrane and S layer
Proteobactria examples Purple S bacteria, Rickettsia, Rhizobium and E. coli
Firmicutes gram +/- Gram positive
Firmicutes lifestyle heterotrophs and phototrophs. Pathogens
Firmicutes morphology Cocci, bacilli and spiral
Firmicutes nutrient fixation N in clostridiales
Firmucutes defining character Production of endospores or endotoxins and low G-C
Firmicutes examples Mycoplasmas, clostridiales, bacillates and lactobacillates
Actinobacteria Gram +/- Gram +
Actinobacteria lifestyle Soil, animal parasites, some produce ABs
Actinobacteria morphology Coryneform or rod shaped
Actinobacteria defining characters External spores, mycelia and high G-C
Cyanobacteria gram +/- Gram + relative
Cyanobacteria lifestyle Aquatic. Pigmented
Cyanobacteria morphology Rod, Cocci or filament
Cyanobacteria nutrient fixation C, O, N
Cyanobacteria Defining character Nutrient fixation and cryptocrusts
Spirochaetes lifestyle Free living. Some symbionts and some pathogenic
Spirochaetes morphology Helical
Spirochaetes examples Lyme disease, leptospirosis and syphilis
Bacteriodetes gram +/- Gram -
Bacteriodetes ifestyle Anaerobic. Animal gut symbionts
Bacteriodetes morphology Rod shaped
Bacteriodetes defining character Sphingolipids on membranes
Bacteriodetes examples Flavobactria
Chlorobi gram +/- Gram -
Chlorobi lifestyle Low oxygen areas. Thermophillic and photosynthetic
Chlorobi nutrient fixation Sulfur
Chlorobi defining character Have chlorosomes. Much more efficient than purple bacteria.
Chlorobi examples Green sulfur bacteria