Unit 4 Lesson 1 Vocab

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Unit 4 lesson 1

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Question Answer
Army1 (binary/octet-stream) el ejercito (Army)
Enemy (binary/octet-stream) el (la) enemigo(a) (Enemy)
Hero (binary/octet-stream) el heroe (Hero)
Young Man (binary/octet-stream) el (la) joven (Young Man)
Battle (binary/octet-stream) la batalla (battle)
To Get Married (binary/octet-stream) casarse (To get Married)
To Take; To Carry (binary/octet-stream) llevar (to take; to carry)
To Die (binary/octet-stream) morir(ue) (to die)
To Return (binary/octet-stream) regresar (to return)
Aztec (binary/octet-stream) asteca (Aztec)
Theo James1 (binary/octet-stream) hermoso(a) (handsome; pretty)
Historic (binary/octet-stream) historico(a) (Historic/Historical)
Jealousy (binary/octet-stream) los celos (jealousy)
Brave (binary/octet-stream) valiente (brave)
Palace (binary/octet-stream) el palacio (palace)
Legend (binary/octet-stream) la leyenda (legend)
Narration (binary/octet-stream) la narracion (Narration)
Once Upon A Time There Was (binary/octet-stream) Habia una vez... (once upon a time there was)
About (binary/octet-stream) sobre (about)
To Be In Love (binary/octet-stream) estar enamorado de (to be in love with)