Come Fly Me Fly- Frank Sinatra

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Matty MIddleton
Created by Matty MIddleton 6 months ago
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Question Answer
Context: Composed in 1957 Arranged and conducted by Billy May. It is song from an album of songs on the theme of travel. Sinatra had planned the selection of songs carefully.
Structure: The song has an irregular AABA structure of 56 bars: A and A1 both 12 bars then B for 16 bars and A3 for 16 bars.
Instrumentation: Brass section Strings Vocals flute vibraphone sax section rhythm section
Harmony: Song is in B major. The bridge divides into two halves of eight bars each. It can be described as BB1. The tonality changes to G major (the flattened submediant). This is a distant key from the tonic B major. At the end of the bridge the music ends with a dominant F sharp major chord (‘angel’s cheer’) to get back to the tonic.
Texture: Countermelody in low unison saxophones Rhythm section: pizzicato bass in crotchets, drums High staccato chords in muted trumpets, flute and xylophone
Rhythm: Accompaniments generally stabs. eg. 0:47 Swung rhythms due to it being in a swing style. So often emphasis on off beats.