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5 ways online services could be accessed 1. Tablet 2. Desktop Computer 3. Mobile Phone 4. Laptop 5. Palmtop
5 services you can access online & state the benefits it brings 1. Downloading movies – benefit it brings include slightly cheaper than buying a DVD, more convenient that going to a store so less effort. 2. communication- email, social networks or video chatting (Gmail, Facebook or Skype) can all be used to talk to people anywhere in the world quickly and easily. 3. real time information- checking information what’s happening at the exact moment. This is useful for train stations so you know when a train will arrive. 4. government documents-saves you from going out for a licence and you can acces it anytime of the day. 5. school VLE- lets students access work remotely if couldn’t attend lessons.
a definition & include 2 examples of Online Advertising Online advertising is company’s promoting their products or services over the internet. 2 examples of this are search engine results pages where the company can register for their company website appears high up in the list of key word searches. The other way of advertising online is banners and pop up advertisements (that’s the annoying kind) . these can appear on many websites and often contain animation to catch peoples attention.
4 benefits to a company for advertising online compared to traditional advertising 1. You can target selected customers better by only advertising on specific websites. 2. The thing that you’re advertising will be easy to access the website about it by just clicking on the advert. 3. It allows you do more things with in the advert such as interactive features. 4. Because it’s on the internet, it takes little effort to click on it so people are more likely to look at it.
why companies would use Real Time Information To inform passengers about arrival & departure times at bus & train stations.
What is online advertising Online advertising is a means of promoting products and services using the internet. It can be used to spread marketing messages widely to customers. Online data storage is another example of an online service.
what effect the increase in online advertising is likely to have on television advertising People will only care about internet ones and companies will only want to advertise on the internet because they can link it to where their website is easily
Spam Email Marketing Junk email where identical messages are sent to a number of recipients
Unsolicited Bulk Emails Emails that are sent to a large number of people who haven’t requested them
Why People Don’t Like Them 1. They are annoying and take up time filtering them out. 2. They’re often fake 3. Fill up space in inbox
Adverts need to be... 1. Attractive (stands out/ catches your eye) 2. interesting
Pay–Per–Click Advertising websites or Web pages hosting ads for other companies. If a surfer clicks on an ad, they will be re-directed through to the advertiser’s website. The website or web page provider will receive a payment for every ad which is clicked on
Benefits for the company who owns the advert 1. get notoriety from general public
Benefits for the host website 1. They receive money to fund the business
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