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Question Answer
In which test does genus Enterococcus positive and in which negative? Gram + + :OF test - :Motility test,Oxidase test, Catalase test,
Which strand of Enterococcus is usually found in the intestinal tract of many species? Enterococcus faecium
What disease(s) causes the strand Enterococcus facealis among species? In all species-> Enteritis Cattle-> Mastitis Dog-> Urinary tract/ear infection
What is the treatment for the Enterococcus strands? Antibiotics such as Amoxicillin clavulante, Chloramphenicol +Tetracyclin (extremely resistant to Vancomycin)
What is the common staining for Enteroccus and what is cultivation? Gram's /Giemsa staining,smear of exudate unstained or stained Urine MacConkey agar(red pin point colonies) Facultative anaerobic Halophilic
Besides growth on MacConkey agar what are the tests to diagnose the Streptococcal strands? 1)NO growth on MacConkey agar 2)Precipitation test Latex agglutination test Hemolysis test