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Everything about acids

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Acids are useful but the can also be .........? Dangerous
Who cleans acid spills on roads? Firefighters
Poisonous substances can cause death
Why are acids in food safe but not in cleaning materials? Acids in food are much more diluted.
Why do hydrangeas have different colour flowers in different areas? Depends on if the soil is acidic or alkaline.
acidic solution on red litmus paper stays red
neutral solution on red litmus paper stays red
alkaline on red litmus paper turns blue
acidic solution on blue litmus paper turns red
neutral solution blue litmus paper stays blue
alkaline solution on blue litmus stays blue
What happens if an acid and base get mixed? They neutralise each other
What gives the red flames in fireworks? strontium
Where does the green in fireworks come from? Barium
Where does the blue come from in fireworks? from copper
What happens if you mix baking powder and vinegar Lots of bubbles form
What happens if you mix iron powder and sulfur powder mixture glows brightly when heated
What happens if you mix sand and water? Sand sinks to the bottom of the water
Corrosion is the same as...? Rust
What is the flammable gas given off when a metal reacts with a acid? Hydrogen
Is limescale a base or an acid? Base
What causes acid rain? Pollution
Which buildings are in danger because of acid rain? Limestone and marble
Three things fire needs to start and continue burning oxygen thermal energy fuel
Who first studied chemistry Alchemists
Who helped to discover oxygen? Antoine Lavousier
Chemical formula of Nitric Acid? HNO3
Chemical formula for sulfuric acid? H2SO4
Chemical symbol for phosphoric acid H3PO4
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