Crime and Punishment Key Dates

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Some dates relevant to WJCE GCSE History 'Crime and Punishment' (unit 3: thematic study)

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Bloody Code inroduced 1723
Last public execution in Britain 1868
Capital punishment abolished in Britain 1969
Metropolitan Police began 1829
Mandatory for all districts to have a police force 1856
Bow street runners set up 1749
Australia stopped accepting convicts 1850-1870
Capital offences reduced to just five 1861
Gunpowder plot 1605
Begining of transportation 1678
Prisons Act 1865
Borstals set up 1908
Matthew Hopkins witch trial 1645
Luddites 1812-13
Peterloo Massacre 1819
Swing Riots 1829-30
Rebecca Riots 1843
Witchcraft especially persecuted 1560's 1640's
Case study of 'China' in what centuary 19th C
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