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First of five review quizes for moodle final. I'm only adding the questions that I got wrong initially.

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What is another name for creating an object? Instantiation
A collection of objects and defined states to setup scenarios for several tests are known as: Test Fixtures
The BlueJ tool called a/an ___ is used to view the current value (state) of an object's fields. inspector
What is a class? A class is a description and definition of the type of an object.
"Coupling" refers to: Logical linkage between separate units of a program that interfere with reuseability.
"Cohesion" refers to: The number and diversity of tasks that a program unit implements.
A Java "HashMap" container is best described as: A container where elements in the container are accessed via an unique value that has been associated with a data element.
Some of the commonly used public methods of an Iterator object are: hasNext() and next()
Copy of Given the string declarations below, what is the value of s1 == s2? String s1 = new String("foo"); String s2 = new String("foo"); String s3 = s2; false
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