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Instead of being AMBIGUOUS with your words, be more clear and specific.
Dogs often exhibit ALTRUISM by adopting baby cats, squirrels, ducks and, even tigers.
Hopefully, the justice department’s investigation will ILLUMINATE police corruption in the small town.
Because the principal neglected to turn off the microphone on the PA system, there was an INADVERTENT transmission of some very inappropriate language throughout the school.
Everyone knows death is INEVITABLE.
While some people have an INNATE drive to succeed, others are happy doing nothing with their lives.
The INTREPID adventurer climbed the rocky mountain without fear.
In the novel, the famed detective is known for his INTUITIVE thinking that allows him to detect leads from the smallest clues.
He passed away is a EUPHEMISM for “he died.”
Picasso was a RENOWNED artist.
The president was unable to accept responsibility for his poor decisions so he passed the blame to one of his advisers and made the man his SCAPEGOAT.
The doctors are finding it difficult to identify the cause of Tom’s SPORADIC headaches because they occur infrequently.
Only the diamond expert could see the SUBTLE difference between the real diamond and the fake one.
The trial judge was only interested in evidence that was TANGIBLE and visible.
Although the odds were against them, the TENACIOUS group of soldiers held on until reinforcements arrived.
Even though these details may seem TRIVIAL, everything is important if you want the event to run smoothly.
Why are you calling this imperfect world filled with hatred and violence a UTOPIA?
One of the most important lessons that parents must teach young children is to always be WARY of strangers.
You should save your WRATH for the person who offended you instead of being angry with your friend who is giving you a caring ear.
I use yoga as a THERAPEUTIC tool to help me relieve stress.
Students who do not arrive to class on time are TARDY, and they often receive some sort of penalty for it.
People on a diet may have to SUPPRESS their desire to eat chocolate.
After Sharon spent an hour meditating, she experienced a PROFOUND sense of peace.
Since Jim Smith scores over thirty points each game, he is considered to be one of the most PROLIFIC basketball players in history.
The skinny boy started a weightlifting program so he could become ROBUST and defend himself against bullies.
Because the chemo drugs are so POTENT, they often make patients ill before they make them feel better.
Because the number of deer in the area has started to PLUMMET, deer hunting has been temporarily banned.
Compared to oak trees, the willow’s branches are PLIABLE, tending to bend gracefully in a strong wind instead of breaking.
If you look inside of most classrooms, you will not see chalkboards because they are nearly OBSOLETE in education today.
Going about his everyday routine, the man’s MUNDANE schedule had him bored to tears.
Since it involves repeating movements, raking leaves is such a MONOTONOUS task.
The chef’s detailed recipe called for LUKEWARM water, two parts cold and one part boiling.
The OBSCURE writer was not known in the literary community.
The small boy’s FORTITUDE allowed him to stand up to the school bully.
The soldiers worked on FORTIFICATION of the walls with bricks to make the barriers around the castle sturdier.
Since he is a cancer survivor himself, my doctor was able to show me a great deal of EMPATHY during my chemotherapy treatments.
Although the lion appears DOCILE during the circus acts, he is really a fierce animal when uncontrolled by a trainer.
The DISPARITY between the giant’s height and the dwarf’s height is obvious.
The woman looked at her male abuser with DISDAIN as he walked into the courtroom.
How can you DENOUNCE the service at that restaurant when you have never eaten there?
Once the enemy city was surrounded on all sides, the commander of the surrounding force ordered them to slowly CONVERGE on the settlement.
I CRINGE with embarrassment when I look at old photos of myself at over 300 pounds.
I need two men with lots of BRAWN to move my piano.
If my husband does something wrong, he will try to APPEASE me by buying my favorite flowers.
We erected a tomb over an ANONYMOUS grave of a soldier that we chanced upon during the battle.
In the book, the ANTAGONIST kidnaps the good guy’s wife.
In comparison to portable laptop computers, typewriters are considered ARCHAIC.
In prison, a BLATANT act of disobedience will get you placed in isolation.
Because the millionaire does not want to invest in an unprofitable deal, he will DELIBERATE your proposal before making a decision.
To become a part of the in-crowd, Hank became a CONFORMIST by agreeing with everything his new friends said.
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