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Question Answer
The scientific name for heat energy is ________ energy Thermal/Internal
Heat travels through a solid by _______________ Conduction
Heat travels through liquids through _________ Convection
Heat travels through space through ______________ Radiation
Fluids are _________ and ___________ Liquids and Gases
Metals have a higher thermal conductivity than non-metals this means they conduct heat ___________ Faster/Better
Metals have a higher thermal conductivity because they have ________ __________ Delocalised (free) electrons
A coloured image showing heat leaving objects is called a ____________ Thermogram
The amount of energy it takes to heat up 1kg of a substance by 1*c is called ___________ ___________ _____________ Specific Heat Capacity
Two examples of home instillation are _________ __________ Cavity Wall Insulation, draught excluders, double glazing, loft insulation, Triple glazing, carpet
Energy not being stored in useful ways is described as being _______ energy Waster
The electromagnetic wave which carries thermal energy is called _________ ______________ Inferred Radiation
Dark colours are good at ________ and _________ of Infra-Red emitting and absorbing
Shiny colours are good __________ of Infra-Red reflectors
A larger difference of temperature between an object and its surrounding will cause the object to cool ____________ Faster
Carbon Doixide is released from burning fossil fuels. It is an example of a ____________ ________ Greenhouse Gas
What energy resource comes from the sun Solar
What are names of the three fossil fuels? Coal, Oil, Natural Gas
There are 2 ways of getting energy from water. Name 2 of them. ________ and ____________ Hydroelectricity, Tidal, Wave
Energy resources that will not run out are called __________ energy resources. Renewable
Energy resources which are used faster than they are created are called _____________ energy resources Non-Renewable
Fossil fuels will produce Carbon dioxide which is a ______________ ________ Greenhouse gas
The energy source that uses hot rocks in the earth is called _______________ energy Geothermal
Biofuels are _________ ____________ which means that extra carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Carbon Neutral
Define what an ore is Rock that is economical to extract metal out of
What is the general equation for the reaction of a metal with oxygen Metal + Oxygen -> Metal oxide
What type of reaction is characterised by the addition of oxygen or loss of electrons Oxidation
What type of reaction is characterised by the removal of oxygen or the gain of electrons? Reduction
What ions do metals form Positive
Name the type of reaction where a more reactive metal reacts with a less reactive metal compound? Displacement
What is the general equation for the reaction of a metal with water? Metal + Water -> Metal Hydroxide + Hydrogen
What element is used to extract less reactive such as carbon? Carbon
What gas is formed when carbon is used to extract metals? Carbon Dioxide
Name 3 acids? Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Nitric
What metal is formed when a metal reacts with hydrochloric acid? Metal Chloride
What salt is formed when a metal reacts with sulphuric acid? Metal Sulphate
What salt is formed when a metal reacts with nitric acid? Metal Nitrate
What gas is formed when a metal reacts with an acid? Hydrogen
What is the general equation for the reaction between a metal and an acid? Metal + Acid -> Metal Salt + Hydrogen
What were the three man gasses in the early atmosphere? Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Water Vapour
What is thought to have released into the atmosphere? Volcanic Activity
What was formed when the earth cooled? Oceans
Name three stores of Carbon? Oceans, Plants,Rocks, Fossil Fuels
What process in plants caused carbon dioxide levels to decrease in Earths early atmosphere? Photosynthesis
What process in plants caused the oxygen levels to rise? Photosynthesis
Describe a reaction that caused Nitrogen levels to rise Ammonia reaction with oxygen released by Bacteria
Name the three most prominent gases in the atmosphere? Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon
What % is Nitrogen and Oxygen in the atmosphere? 78% and 20%
Name the three main types of Greenhouse gasses? Carbon Dioxide, Methane & water vapour
What type of radiation is trapped by Greenhouse gasses? Short Wave
Name two types of human activities that increase carbon dioxide levels? Burning Forests, Deforestation
Name two types of human activities that increase methane levels Rice Paddy Fields, Increased Cattle Farming
State an effect of climate change Rising sea levels, Increased rainfall, Increased flooding, Habitat loss
Describe on way of reducing your carbon footprint Reduce use of cars, reduce long haul flights, reduce electricity use, reduce energy consumption at home