Community and Family Studies- Module 1: Resource management

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Module 1 focus: - Fundamental concepts of resource management - Influences on resource management - Effective resource management

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Question Answer
What is the opposite of wellbeing? Illbeing
How do people describe wellbeing? People describe wellbeing
Wellbeing Is when an individual or group experiences a certain degree of satisfaction when their needs are met.
Factors affecting wellbeing (SPEECS) Social, economic, cultural, physical, spiritual and social
Emotional Factors ...
Economic Factors /...
Cultural Factors ...
Physical Factors .....
Spiritual Factors ....
Social Factors .'.s
Needs and wants ...
Specific needs acronym ( SHESEAS) Safety and security, health, education, sense of identity, employment and Adequate standard of living
Safety and security Desire to feel protected and safe from threat. Eg. House modifications ( non-slip floors and handrails) installed to improve safety of grandparent.
Health Related to a person's perception of wellbeing. The five interconnect dimensions are physical, social, cultural, emotional, economic and spiritual.
Education /.'
Sense of identity 1
Employment ///
Adequate standard of living s
Maslow's Hierarchy ss
Goal setting aa
Enhancing wellbeing addd
Resources sss
E.g.Human Resources E.g. energy, knowledge, intelligence, sight, language, skills and abilities and motivation
Non- human resources E.g. Food, clothing, money, electricity, shelter, computer,
Interchangeability of resources ss
Resource sustainability ( to conserve a resource) s
Factors affecting resource management Personal values and past experiences.
Factors influencing availability of and access to resources Eg. Age, gender, disability, culture and socioeconomic status
Access to support Informal support: Relatives, neighbours and friends Formal support: Government agencies, Centrelink and community organisations
Planning and organisation ss
Communication types Verbal and non-verbal
Communication styles Assertive, aggressive and passive
Characteristics of effective communication r
Intuitive decision making af
Hesitant decision making sa
Confident decision making fvd
Impulsive decision making deqasf
Rational decision making sa
Factors including decision making afsf
Problem solving ad
Using interchangeable resources gsssgf
Adopting sustainable behaviours asfss
Accessing support sdfsdf
Developing personal management skills fSGdsfd
Engaging in education or training AFSAS
Interviewing as a primary research method asf
Advantages and disadvantages of interviewing asdfas
Analysing research results asd