Module 6.1 Elements

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All about elements.

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Module 6.1 By Rahma Abdelgadir
What are the building blocks of the universe? Atoms
How many types of atoms are there? 100 types of atoms
What microscope can see atoms? Scanning tunnelling microscope (STM)
What are elements? Elements are substances that are made upon only one atom.
Examples of elements 1. Copper 2. Oxygen 3. Iron 4. Hydrogen 5. Gold
Define properties Unique set of characteristics of a substance
How are elements divided? Metallic and non-metallic elements
Examples of metallic elements 1. Aluminum 2. Iron 3. mercury 4. Sliver 5. Calcium
Metal properties 1. Lustrous 2. Solid at room temp 3. Good conductors of heat and electricity 4. Malleable 5. Ductile
Examples of non-metallic elements 1. Carbon 2. Iodine 3. Chlorine 4. Sulfer 5. Radon
Non-metallic properties 1. Dull 2. Bad conductors of heat and electricity (insulators) 3. Brittle
Whats special about mercury? Its the only metal liquid at room temperature
Whats special about bromine? Its the only non-metallic element liquid at room temperature.
Where are all the elements placed? In a table called the periodic table
How many elements are there in the periodic table. 118
How many man-made and natural? 98 Natural 20 Man-made
How is the periodic table listed? From lightest to heaviest
How can atoms exist 1. Single atoms 2. Molecules 3. Crystal lattices
Define monatomic elements An element that is made up of many individual atoms. They are very rare elements.
what are all the monatomic elements? 1. Helium (He) 2. Neon (Ne) 3. Argon (Ar) 4. Krypton (Kr) 5. Xenon (Xe) 6. Radon (Rn)
Define molecules There are clusters of two or more atoms joined together.
W Elements that are identical and are mostly non-metallic.
Examples of molecular elements 1. Nitrogen molecule 2. Phosphorus molecule 3. Sulfur molecule
In each oxygen molecule how many atoms does it contain? Two oxygen atoms
What are crystal lattices? They are large grid-like structures that repeat the similar arrangement of atoms over an over.
What percentage of elements are metals? 80% Metal elements
What is special about metal lattices? The atoms in metal lattices can move across one another, which allows them t be bent, hammed and drawn into wires.
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