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AAA Screening
Aspirin for prevention of CVD
Acute coronary Syndrome: Etiologies 1. most commonly occlusive thrombus on top of disrupted plaque (50% in only 50% narrowed) 2. spasm at plaque 3. spasm in normal artery 4. inflammation (Kawasaki) 5. cocaine-induced (treat with NTG and CCB)
Troponin 1. best biomarker for ACS 2. 3-6 hours after infarction 3. stays elevated for 7-14 days 4. not elevated in unstable angina
Myoglobin 1. earliest biomarker - 2 hours -peaks at 8 hours 2. sensitive, not specific - skeletal muscle injury
CK-MB 1. remains elevated 36-48 hours 2. early peak (12-18 hrs) is indicative of re-perfusion 3.because of early rise and fall, is better than troponin for reinfarction dx.
Acute Coronary Syndrome: treatment 1. Fibrinolysis within 12 hours of onset 2. Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibition 3. Percutaneous Coronary intervention (PCI) with stent 4. CABG (emergency) - when PCI not possible
UA/NSTEMI treatment: When to do invasive intervention 1. hemodynamic instability 2. sustained V. tach 3. PCI within 6 months 4. prior CABG 5. high risk score 6 LVEF < 40%
ACS: STEMI ECG findings see Evernote
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