Module 6.2 Compounds and mixtures

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Learn about compounds and mixtures.

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Question Answer
Module 6.2 Compounds and Mixtures By Rahma Abdelgadir
Define compounds Compounds are substances made up of lattices or identical molecules containing two or more types of atoms
Name some compounds 1. Water 2. Salt 3. Vegetable oli 4. Candle wax
How many elements is the human body made out of? 16 elements however 98.5% of the body are made out of 6 elements.
What are the six main elements in the human body and their percentage 1. Oxygen (65%) 2. Carbon (18%) 3. Hydrogen (10%) 4. Nitrogen (3%) 4. Calcium (1.5%) 5. Phosphorus (1%)
What happens in compounds In each compound
What are molecular compounds? s
What is the chemical formula? s
Why do you find the number of each atom in a compound? s
Give examples