Human Relationships

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Key words for topic 3 , ethics 1 of GCSE philosophy and Ethics OCR

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Question Answer
Adultery Sex between someone who is married and someone who is not their spouse
Annulment Declare a marriage to have no legal existance
Civil Partnership A legally recognised union of a same sex couple, with rights similar to those of marriage
Commitment A state of being dedicated to a cause, activity, person, etc.
Divorce The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body
Pre-marital Sex Sex prior to two people being married
Promiscuity When one person has many sexual relations
Re-marriage To get married again
Sacrament A ceremony regarded as imparting spiritual grace, e.g. baptism, confirmation, marriage
Vows A solemn promise
Celibacy Abstaining from marriage and sexual relations
Monogamy Having a relationship with only one partner at a time
Homosexuality Sexual attraction between people of the same sex
Heterosexuality Sexual attraction between people of different sexes
Marriage A legally or formally recognised union between two people