AS ICT - Topic 6a: Uses of ICT in Business

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What is CAD an abbreviation of and what is CAD? Computer Aided Design CAD is the use of computer sustems in engineering, architecture, kitchen design etc. to support the design of products, building or placement of objects.
What is CAM an abbreviation of and what is CAM? Computer Aided Manufacture The use of computers to control the way manufacturing process in some way by controlling the manufacturing equipment/machinery.
Name at least 5 features of CAD/CAM packages. (There are 7) Any of the following: -Zoom -2D and 3D -Rotation -Shading -Layering -Walkthrough -Costing (of a product build or manufacture)
Give 2 Disadvantages of CAD and CAM. Any of the following: -The cost of the software, hardware, and machinery. -Cost of training -May lead to loss of jobs
Give one example of CAD and one example of CAM. CAD: -Producing kitchen or bathroom designs -Producing the designs for a component of a product (And any other suitable example) CAM: -Used to manufacture components used in the building process of a product. -Used to manufacture double glazed windows an conservatories. (And any other suitable example)
What are the 3 hardware requirements for CAD and CAM? -Fast Processors -Large Amounts of Random Access Memmory (RAM) -Large amount of secondary storage to hold the software and files.
What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)? EFT is moving money (electronically) from one account to another. For example from a customer account to pay for goods purchased.
What 4 components does E-Commerce consist of? 1. A catalogue of products. 2. A shopping car/basket. 3. Checkout 4. Payments
What does EPOS stand for and what is it? Electronic Point Of Sale It's the hardwar and software needed to automate a checkout process.
What is Bar-Code Recognition? (How does it work) Using a series of light and dark bars of differing widths to enter a code which is usually printed underneath the barcode.
What are the 4 main objectives of Automatic Stock Control? 1. Maintain Stock 2. Re-Order good automatically when stocks are low. 3. Monitor and adjust stock levels. 4. To provide managment with up-to-date accurate stock levels.
What is a Just In Time Stock Control System? And what is the concept of it? Control systems used for stock in supermarkets. Good are being delivered as fast as they are being sold which allows individual stores respond to changing demand.
What is a Loyalty Card? A card used to attract/retain customers and encourage customers to shop regularly at the store.
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