Biology - Blood

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Really quick revision flashcards giving descriptions about topics. I hope they help but I made them to help me, sorry if they're not so useful.

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What is a tissue? A tissue is a group of cells working together to do a particular job. e.g. the blood
What is an organ? An organ is a group of tissues that do a particular Job together. e.g. The heart.
What is an organ system? An organ system is when a group of organs all work together to do their particular job. e.g. the circulatory system.
Where does meiosis occur? Within sex cells- gametes. It could be an ovum or sperm cell.
Describe the use of mitosis. Mitosis is used within all cells in the body, excluding gametes, it is used for repair and growth throughout the body- producing copies of cells.
Describe the shape of red blood cells and why they are this shape. Red blood cells are flat, circular and curve into the middle. This is because it enlarges the surface area of the cell and allows for more oxygen to be absorbed.
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