UNIT 2 BIOLOGY - tissues and organ systems

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what is a tissue? A tissue is a group of similar cells that work together to carry out a particular function
(examples of tissues) muscular tissue ..which contracts to move whatever it's attached to
(examples of tissues) glandular tissue ..which makes and secretes substances like enzymes and hormones
(examples of tissues) epithelial tissue ..which covers some parts of the body, e.g the inside of the gut
Organs an organ is a group of different tissues that work together to perform a certain function
organ systems an organ system is a group of organs working together to perform a particular function
(examples of organ tissues) muscular tissue ..which moves the stomach wall to churn up the food.
(examples of organ tissues) glandular tissue ..which makes the digestive juices to digest food.
(examples of organ tissues) epithelial tissue ..which covers the outside and inside of the stomach.
(examples of organ systems) glands glands: (e.g the pancreas and salivary glands) which produce digestive juices
(examples of organ systems) stomach ..where food is digested
(examples of organ systems) liver ..which produces bile
(examples of organ systems) the small intestine ..where food is digested and soluble food molecules are absorbed
(examples of organ systems) the large intestine ..where water is absorbed from undigested food, leaving faeces
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