Emancipation of Expressionism

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Introduction to Boy Blue Entertainment Boy Blue Entertainment is an award-winning hip-hop dance company Founded in London by Kendrick 'H2O' Sandy and Mickael 'MickeyJ' Asante 17 dancers - 9 male/8 female The Artistic Directors work together on the creation and development HAs some of the UK's most sought after hip-hop artists
Introduction to Emancipation of Expressionism The dance style is hip-hop, and first performed in 2013 STIMULUS = The music 'Til Enda' by Olafur Arnalds and the importance of being free to express ourselves THEME = Order and chaos SECTIONS = 1. Genesis 2. Growth and Struggle 3. Connection and flow 4. Empowerment
Part 1: Genesis "that moment where the impulse of a feeling or a movement starts to grow and create" Means 'a beginning or origin of anything' First section Start of life Electric current affecting the dancers Struggling to be free, find individual expressionism, conformity and order 2 mins 15 seconds long
Part 1: Genesis Img 2970 (binary/octet-stream)
Part 1: Genesis Accompaniment Original production and arrangement by Michael 'MickeyJ' Asante of BBE Urban Powerful drum beats into higher pitched tune Electronic sounds Voice "ahhhh" Movement is used on accents of music and multi-layered
Part 1: Genesis Lighting: Fade up Light blue spotlights - 'dancer coming in and putting something within that light' Darker blue fuzzy spotlights, dark edges (creates mood) Blackout (changes with music) White spotlight 1-5-3-5 with wash (highlights dancers)
Part 2: Growth and Struggle Second section Struggle for recognition of individual passion and expression Adversity and confronting the trials and tribulations of life How passion can become very strong to a point of aggression 1 min 10 seconds long
Part 2: Growth and Struggle Img 2971 (binary/octet-stream)
Part 2: Growth and Struggle Accompaniment Original production and arrangement by Michael 'MickeyJ' Asante of BBE Urban Voice - soft singing
Part 2: Growth and Struggle Lighting Pair of white lights off stage right - significant in the focus of the dancers and the relationship between the soloist (people walking past, one guy is expressive into the light) Showing moods Blackout Blue light on first ensemble
Part 3: Connection and flow Third section Aspects of memory, manipulation, flow, merge and play between individuals in the relationship Energy flows through dancers, controlled by an individual or in group unison 3 mins long
Part 3: Connection and flow Img 2972 (binary/octet-stream)
Part 3: Connection and flow ACTIONS: duet - turn, foot shuffles, arm ripples. Ensemble entrance - rolls, slides and walks. Ensemble - arm gestures, steps, slides on floor SPACE: duet enter from upstage and DSL corner. Ensemble enter from both sides DYNAMICS: duet - slow but builds with urgency. Light and smooth. Continuous flow. Ensemble - flow. Slow to contrast with busyness of music, sharp, fast (chariots of fire) shows clarity. Jerky. RELATIONSHIPS: from duet to full ensemble. Dancers "throw" energy between each other. Action/reaction.
Part 3: Connection and flow Accompaniment 'November' composed by Max Richter Modern classical composition Tranquillity Lightness and speed of music makes it feel like the energy in the ripples of the duet are echoing the music to give it movement - DIRECT CORRELATION Picks up on highlights and intensity of music when pitch gets higher, movement gets faster Music builds in urgency and so does dancing Section ends with note hanging in the air
Part 3: Connection and flow Lighting Blue to create tranquillity Blackout at beginning Lighting fades in which shows duet Pale blue (calming) beams from above When ensemble enters, upstage lit more so that the front ensemble is only dimly lit Fade out shows end of section
Part 4: Empowerment Fourth and final section Created prior to other sections Showcases individual skills and expressionism of core dancers 4 mins long
Part 4: Empowerment Img 2973 (binary/octet-stream)
Part 4: Empowerment Accompaniment 'Til Enda' composed by Olafur Arnalds Lyrical qualities and percussive elements are echoed by contrasting actions and dynamics Fusion piece of music Urban percussive elements Classical string instrumentation Complex and multi-layered - dance echos this
Part 4: Empowerment Lighting Starts all blackout Dark blue backdrop (cyclorama), spotlight on Kendrick Silhouettes Blue wash, white side light Beams on light from above Sudden end light goes dim suddenly
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