Particles in Atoms

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P3b Topic 3- Radioactivity and Ionising radiation

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What is an atom made up of? Protons, Neutrons and electrons.
Give the charge and mass of: Proton Neutron Electron Proton: Mass (1) and Charge (+1) Neutron: Mass (1) and Charge (0) Electron: Mass (1/2000) and Charge (-1)
Properties of Alpha radiation. It is a helium nuclei, it is slow and heavy. It is strongly ionising and penetrates weakly. It is stopped by paper.
Properties of Beta radiation. Beta is a electron which is light and fast. It is moderately ionising and penetrates moderately. It is stopped by thin metal.
Properties of Gamma Rays. Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves with a high frequency. The have no mass and are very fast. They are weakly ionising; they penetrate strongly and have to be stopped by thick lead or concrete.
What is a positron? Positron is the antiparticle of the electron. This means they are like electron, they've got the same mass but different relative charge (+1). They have the same properties as electrons (light and fast, stopped by thin metal and moderately ionising).
What is it called when a positron means an electron? This is called annihilation.
What is positron radiation? Positron radiation is positively charged beta radiation.
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