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Name the movement Ext+2 (binary/octet-stream) Extension Backwards movement of arm
Name the movement Flexion (binary/octet-stream) Flexion Forward movement of arm
Name the movement Extension (binary/octet-stream) Flexion Bending of knee to reduce angle
Name the movement Ext2 (binary/octet-stream) Extension Straightening of the leg
Name movement 1 Head+Flex (binary/octet-stream) Flexion Forward movement of head
Name movement 2 & 3 Head+Flex (binary/octet-stream) Extension Backwards movement of head
Name movement 1 Abduct (binary/octet-stream) Abduction Movement of limb away from mid-line
Name movement 2 Abduct (binary/octet-stream) Adduction Movement of limb towards mid-line
Name movement 3 Abduct (binary/octet-stream) Circumduction Circular movement of limb
Name movement 1 Rotation (binary/octet-stream) Rotation of head Turning to either side
Name movement 2 Rotation (binary/octet-stream) External rotation Limb is rotated laterally, away from the mid-line
Name movement 3 Rotation (binary/octet-stream) Internal rotation Limb is rotated medially, towards the mid-line
Name movement 1 Inversion (binary/octet-stream) Inversion Medial rotation of the foot (towards mid-line)
Name movement 2 Inversion (binary/octet-stream) Eversion Lateral rotation of the foot (away from mid-line)
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