Zoot Suit Riots

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who was invloved, where it happened, when it happened and why.

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El Calendario When did the Zoot Suit riots begin? Calendario (binary/octet-stream) June 3rd, 1943
El Tiempo How long did the Zoot Suit Riots last? Tony The Talking Clock Clocks Into Death Battle By V Create Db5zsf1 (binary/octet-stream) 4 days
La Ciudad Where did the Zoot Suit Riots happen? Ciudad (binary/octet-stream) Los Angeles
El Soldado Who was involved in the Zoot Suit Riots? Soldado (binary/octet-stream) Young Mexican Men and White Servicemen
La Policia How did the LAPD respond to the riots? Policia (binary/octet-stream) they would contribute or watch young Mexicans be beaten and arrest the Mexicans
El Intendente Who was the Mayor of Los Angeles at the time? Mayor (binary/octet-stream) Fletcher Brown
El Traidor How did the Mayor Respond? El+Traidor (binary/octet-stream) He legitimatized the police and military actions and blamed gangs for the violence
El Gobernador Who was the governor of California at the time? Governor (binary/octet-stream) Earl Warren
El Estado How did the state of California respond to the riots? Estado (binary/octet-stream) They sent a committee to analyse the situation...found the Zoot Suit wearers weren't particularly Mexican, criminals, or juveniles
El Penguino Name 3 things specific to the Zoot Suit Penguin (binary/octet-stream) Hats(tando) Shoulder pads, long tail oversized look chains black and white shoes suspenders
La Gente Were only Mexicans and White Servicemen Involved? If not, who else was? Gente (binary/octet-stream) No. Filipinos, Africans Americans and white youth associated with Zoot Suiters were also attacked.
La Tension When did the tension begin to build for the riots? Tension (binary/octet-stream) mid 1930s
La Guerra One reason for tension prior to riots Guerra (binary/octet-stream) war hysteria
La Masculinidad One reason for tension prior to riots Masculinity (binary/octet-stream) white manhood and protecting white women from people of color
La maldad One reason for tension prior to riots Police (binary/octet-stream) police aggression (Venice, CA)
El Marinero One reason for tension prior to riots Sailor (binary/octet-stream) contact between white servicemen and Mexican Americans
El Ciudadano One reason for tension prior to riots Citizen (binary/octet-stream) Zoot Suiters criticized the expectation of serving in the war without being treated like 1st class citizens
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