Psychology of Addictive Behaviour

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Addictive Psychology Explanations PFC The PFC can influence relapse. The PFC acts as an executive function in the brain by moderating the suppression of limbic impulses. Previous Studies have shown that were the function of the PFC has been disrupted, people have been unable to suppress inappropriate responses or regulate their behaviour.
Addictive Psychology Claridge and Davies (Support for PFC) Research identified the PFC for its role in decision making behaviours.
Cavedini et al (Support for PFC) Identified a link between PFC dysfunction and addictive behaviours.
Addictive Psychology Explanations Withdrawal Symptoms Withdrawal symptoms can also influence relapse. The withdrawal symptoms of smoking include insomnia, headaches and irritability while the withdrawal symptoms of smoking include insomnia, loss of appetite and muscle weakness.
Addictive Psychology Explanations Rosenthal and Lesieur Supported the presence of withdrawal effects with a gambling addiction. Found that 60% of pathological gamblers reported physical withdrawal effects. However this cannot be the only cause so others must be present.
Addictive Psychology Explanations Opioid System Damage to the opioid system can influence relapse. The opioid system is activated in states of pleasure which nicotine stimulates. Long term smoking disrupts this system.
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