Cfe Higher Chemistry - Unit 2: Nature's Chemistry - Esters, Fats and Oils

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Cfe Higher Chemistry - Unit 2: Nature's Chemistry - Esters, Fats and Oils

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How are Esters Formed? Condensation reaction between a carboxyllic acid and an alcohol
How can you tell is an Ester has been made? An oily layer will have formed and an aroma let off
How are esters prepared in the lab? In a water bath and using a condenser
Why is the ester reaction heated using a water bath as opposed to an open flame? The alcohol used is flammable, this would be dangerous with an open flame
What is produced upon the hydrolysis of an ester? a carboxyllic acid and an alcohol
What are esters used for? fruit flavourings non-polar industrial solvents
What are the three types of fats and oils? Give an example of each. Marine - blubber Animal - goose fat Vegetable - Olive oil
Why is there a difference in the melting point of fats and oils? Differing number of C=C bonds
Which have a higher melting point, oils or fats? Fats, no C=C bonds
Fat as an energy source Slow release energy releases more energy per gram than carbohydrates extra energy is stored as fat
Structure of fat One mol of glycerol to 3 mols of fatty acid
How are all fats and oils similar? They are all esters of the same alcohol
What is this? Glycerol
What is used to catalyse the hardening of oils? Nickel
What is the hardening of oils? hydrogenating to reduce the number of C=C bonds, thus reducing the melting point and degree of saturation
What is a saturated carboxyllic acid? Carboxyllic acid with no C=C bonds
What is an unsaturated Carboxyllic acid Carboxyllic acid with C=C bonds
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