Grade 9 Art Exam Review

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Grade 9 Art class exam review

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What are the elements of design? Colour, Line, Texture, Shape, Form, Space and Value
What are the principles of art? Balance, Emphasis, Contrast, Movement, Pattern, Unity and Rhythm?
What kind of lines are there? Vertical, Diagonal, Curved, Horizontal lines, and Zigzag lines
what are Organic and Geometric Shapes? Organic shapes are irregular and geometric shapes are made my people
what are the primary colours? Red, Yellow and Blue
what are the secondary colours? Orange, Green and Violet
What are the tertiary colours? Yellow Green, Blue Green, Blue Violet, Red Violet, Red Orange and Yellow Orange
what are the warm colours? Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange, Red Orange, Red and Red Violet
What are cool colours? Yellow Green, Green, Blue Green, Blue, Blue Violet, and Violet
what is monochromatic? It is when you use tints and shades of one colour
What are complementary colours? they are colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel
what are analogous colours? they are colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel.
What are all of the colours on the colour wheel? red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, green, blue green, blue, blue violet, violet, red violet,
what is value? value is the range of light and dark
what is colour intensity? the brightness or dullness of a colour
what is colour? a property of light
what is hue? Hue identifies a colour and tells you what it is
what is texture? refers to the surface quality or 'feel' of an object
what is simulated texture? simulated texture only suggests a look or a feel
what is real texture? real texture can actually be felt
what is negative space? it is not occupied by an object or a figure, it is the space around it.
what is positive space? it is the space occupied by an object or figure
who are the members of the Group of Seven? Franklin Carmichael, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, Frank Johnston, J.E.H. Macdonald and Frederick Varley
who was the Founder? Tom Thompson
where are their works found? In the Ontario Gallery in Toronto
Franklin Carmichael Grace Lake 1933
A.Y Jackson Nellie Lake 1933
Arthur Lismer Lily Pond Georgian Bay 1948
Lawren Harris Mount Lefroy 1925
Frank Johnston Winter at Wyebridge 1930
J.E.H Macdonald Lake O'Hara Rocky Mountains 1926
Frederick Varley Stormy Weather 1920
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