The Merchant of Venice Vocabulary

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A series of words that are useful to know when reading The Merchant of Venice

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Argosies Definition: Ships
Edifice Definition: Building
Peevish Definition: Irritable
Exhortation Definition: Persuasion
Commendable Definition: Praiseworthy
Abridged Definition: Curtailed (to cut off a part of; reduce; diminish)
Prodigal Definition: Wasteful
Renowned Definition: Famous
Surfeit Definition: Satisfy
Requite Definition: Repay
Imputation Definition: Accusation
Forfeit Definition: Sacrifice
Hazard Definition: Risk
Counsel Definition: Advise
Impertinent Definition: Impudent (obsolete, shameless, brazenly immodest)
Misconstrue Definition: Misunderstand
Heinous Definition: Hateful
Peruse Definition: Read
Reproach Definition: Scold
Obscured Definition: Hidden
Solemnized Definition: Honoured
Casualty Definition: Disaster
Barbarous Definition: Uncivilized
Cozen Definition: Cheat
Gleaned Definition: Gathered
Fortnight Definition: Two Weeks
Forbear Definition: Refrain
Aloof Definition: Distant
Engendered Definition: Born
Wanton Definition: Unrestrained
Bereft Definition: Stripped
Presage Definition: Foretell
Impenetrable Definition: Impervious
Impeach Definition: Discredit
Bestow Definition: Give
Adversary Definition: Opponent
Obdurate Definition: Stubborn
Impediment Definition: Hindrance
Mitigate Definition: Lessen
Precendent Definition: Example
Perjury Definition: Lie
Infidel Definition: Unbeliever
Contrive Definition: Plot
In lieu of... Definition: In place of...
Mercenary Definition: Greedy
Paltry Definition: Trivial
Vehement Definition: Fervent (enthusiasm; intensity of spirit)
Abate Definition: Diminish
Zeal Definition: Enthusiasm
Miscarry Definition: Fail
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