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GCSE physics P1 (not finished yet)

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PHYSICS P1!!! Temperature is a measurement of how hot something is using an arbitrary (chosen scale) which is usually degrees Celsius. The temperature of an object is a measurement of the average kinetic energy of particles in that object.
Temperature can be represented in a range of colours in a thermo gram. Hottest = white yellow red purple dark blue Coldest = black
If there is a difference in temperature, the heat energy will flow from the hotter region to the cooler region. If an objects temperature rises, it is taking in heat energy. the object will often warm up to reach room temperature/ ambient temperature. If an objects temperature falls, it is giving out heat energy.
An object with a high temperature will cool down very quickly but as its temperature drops, it will cool at a slower rate. The rate of heating or cooling depends on the difference between the temperature of the object and the ambient temperature around it. The greater the difference, the greater the rate and so the steeper the graph.
Heat is a measurement on an absolute scale which is always measured in joules. The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of an object depends on: The mass The change in temperature required The material it's made from
Total energy supplied = Energy supplied per second x Number of seconds Each material has a Specific heat capacity which is a value of how much energy it can hold.
Specific heat capacity is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of material by 1oC Energy (J) = Mass (kg) x Specific heat capacity (J/kgoC) x Temperature change (oC) this equation is used to find he amount of energy required to raise the temperature of an object by a certain amount.
Can you rearrange the formula of Specific heat capacity? e.g. Specific heat energy = energy / mass x temperature change.
What is the definition of Temperature? is a measurement of how hot something is using an arbitrary/ chosen scale
What is the definition of Heat? is a measurement of energy on an absolute scale which is always joules.
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