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Name the nutrient which is required especially in teenage girls and give 2 examples of foods which are high in this nutrient IRON - Red meat wholegrain cereals - Dark green leafy vegetables - Bread - Lentils
Why do teenage boys need sufficient protein at the age 15-20 yrs? A significant amount of muscle grows in their arms, legs, chest and abdomen
Why do the elderly need a good source of fibre in their diets? What is the full scientific name for this? To prevent constipation and diverticular disease NSP - Non-starch Polysaccahride
The elderly can be at risk of High Blood pressure. What dietary advice would you give? Limit intake of ready meals Don't add salt to food Use Low sodium salt
Why does the amount of energy the elderly require reduce? Their metabolic rate slows down Don't require as much energy due to reduce physical activity
Name 2 problems the elderly may face when preparing food? May have a very low income, not able to afford food Have manual dexterity problems (arthritis, cant hold equipment properly to cook)
What help is available to the elderly to encourage them to eat? Meals on wheels Home helps, to help them cook Lunch clubs Mobility buses to help them get to the supermarkets
What 3 foods/drinks should a pregnant woman avoid and why? Pate Soft cheeses Blue cheese Raw/lightly cooked meat (Burgers) Liver Raw eggs Swordfish Caffeine/alcohol
What 2 nutrients are essential for the baby's growing skeletal system and maintenance of the mothers skeleton? Calcium and Vitamin D
Why must a pregnant/lactating woman drink plenty of water? To help in the production of breast milk
What kind of exercise should a pregnant woman take part in? Load bearing exercise walking, gentle running
What supplement must a woman take when planning to have a baby and why? Folic Acid Prevent birth defects - Spina bifida
What 2 ingredients must you not add to food when weaning a baby? Sugar Salt
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