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what is hydraulic power? the force of water directly wearing away the river channel.
what is corrosion? weak acid in the river water and reacts with rocks in the water,dissolving them
what is corrasion/abrasion? material being transported by the river rubs against the river channel
what is attrition? material being transported by the river knocks into other material,breaking it up and making it rounder.
what is transportation? it is the movement of eroded material by the river. the eroded material is known as the rivers load.fast flowing rivers can transport large pieces of eroded material than slow flowing rivers because they have more energy to pick up and move eroded material.
what is traction? rocks and boulders are rolled along the river bed.
what is saltation? stones and pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
what is suspension? fine particles of sand and silt are carried along in the river.
what is solution? minerals such as calcium carbonate are dissolved in the river water and then carried along down stream.
what is a waterfall? a waterfall is a steep drop in the course of a river. waterfalls form when a river flows over two types of rocks. (hard and soft rocks)
how are gorges formed? a gorge is formed as the waterfall retreats upstream after repeated by undercutting.
what is a meander? meanders are large bends usually found in the middle course and lower course of a river.
what is a ox-bow lake? an ox-bow lake is a horseshow-shaped lake formed when a meander is cut off from the river channel.
what are levees? levees are raised banks either side of a river channel formed by deposition
what are the causes of flooding? heavy rainfall melting snow impermeable ground deforestation urbanisation
prevention of flooding (hard engineering) hard engineering uses construction methods such as concrete and steel. dams. levees. straightening rivers. spillways.
prevention of flooding (soft engineering) soft engineering works with the physical environment to reduce the risk of flooding. afforestation. flood warning. zoning. flood prevention.
what are dams? dams hold back water in a reservoir and release it over time.
what are spillways? spillways are channels to the side of a river to divert excess water from the main channel
what is afforestation? planting trees increases the amount of rainfall that is intercepted.
what is flood warning? when people are warned when a flood is going to happen so they can protect their homes and more to higher ground.
what is zoning? allowing some areas to be flooded do that other areas can be protected.
what is flood proofing? fitting devices to prevent flood water from entering properties
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