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Physical well-being Heart, lungs and body systems work well, no injuries or illnesses.
Health A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.
Mental well-being You can control your emotions, you are able to deal with stress, you feel positive about yourself.
Social well-being You can have clothing, enough to eat and shelter. You have friendship and support. You feel valued in your society.
Sport - S Specificity
Sport- P Progression
Sport - O Overload
Sport - R Reversibility
Sport - T Tedium
Specificity The training must fit your sport
Tedium Boredom must be avoided, make the training enjoyable.
Reversibility If you stop training you will loose your fitness level.
Overload Working harder than normal
Progression To increase training gradually
Fitt- F Frequency
Fitt - I Intensity
Fitt - T Time
Fitt -T Type
Muscular endurance Ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain exercise over a long period of time. Sit up bleep test.
Body composition The body is made up of : water, internal tissues and organs, bone, muscle and fat. Skin fold measurements.
Cardio vascular Ability of the body to maintain activity over a sustained period of time without tiring. Multistage fitness test 12 minute cooper run.
Muscular strength Maximum force exerted by a muscle or group in a single contraction.
Flexibility The range of movement at a joint, the elasticity of the muscle. Sit and reach test
Power Ability to apply both strength and speed in one action. Vertical jump test
Co-ordination Ability to perform a series of movements smoothly and efficiently. Alternative hand throw
Reaction time Time it takes to respond to a stimulus Ruler drop
Agility Ability to change direction at speed while still in control of the body. Illinois agility test
Balance Ability to maintain stability and awareness of boys position. Stork stand test
Speed Ability to move a certain distance in the shortest time. 30m sprint
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