Geography: Climate and Weather

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What is climate? The overall pattern of weather
What is weather? The day to day variation in characteristics such as temperature and fainfall
What kind of climate does the UK have? Temperate
What is air pressure? The weight of air pressing down on us on the Earth's surface
What is air pressure measured in? Millibars
What standard pressure? 1012 millibars
What does high pressure mean? Air is sinking
What does low pressure mean? Air is rising
What does high pressure bring? Dry and calm weather
What weather does low pressure bring? Wet and windy weather
How is air pressure shown on a weather map? Black lines called isobars
Name the 3 types of rainfall 1. Convectional rainfall 2. Relief rainfall 3. Frontal rainfall
Why is there more rainfall in the West and North of the UK? Because there are mountainous areas to the West side of the UK
What is weather like in the North East of the UK? - Mild summers - Cold winters - Dry
What is the weather like in the South East of the UK? - Warm summers - Cold winters -Dry
What is the weather like in the South West of the UK? - Warm summers - Mild winters - Wet
What is the weather like in the North West of the UK? - Mild summers - Mild winters - Wet
What are the three main factors affecting climate? 1. Latitude 2. Altitude 3. Pressure and winds
What is latitude? The distance from the Equator
What is altitude? How high/low land is to the sea
When does a depression form? When cold air meets warm air
What is the wedge of a) cold air and b) warm air, called? a) Cold sector b) Warm sector
Does the warm air and cold air mix? No, the warm air and cold air only MEET.
What are cirrus clouds? High-level wispy clouds
What are cumulonimbus clouds? Tall clouds
What are stratus clouds? Flat layered clouds
How are cold fronts shown on weather maps? Triangles
How are warm fronts shown on weather maps? Semi circles
What are anticyclones? High pressure systems
What does high pressure bring in WINTER? 1. Clear skies 2. Low temperatures 3. Light winds 4. Frost
What does high pressure bring in SUMMER? 1) Clear skies 2) High temperatures 3) Light winds 4) Heat waves
What is extreme weather? Weather that can bring chaos and is usually unexpected or severe
Give examples of extreme weather Extreme winds Heat waves Flooding Droughts Heavy snow
Give examples of extreme weather in the UK 2003 - Heat wave (2000 people died) 2004 - Boscastle flooding 2005 - Dry period
Give evidence that the weather is becoming more extreme 1) Number of floods has increased since the 1960s 2) Climate models show an increase in frequency of extreme events
GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOODING (UK) CASE STUDY: How long did it rain for? 24 hours
GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOODING (UK) CASE STUDY: Which river flooded? River Severn
GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOODING (UK) CASE STUDY: Effects? - 3 people dead - 5000 homes flooded - 2000 people evacuated - 40 000 homes without power
GLOUCESTERSHIRE FLOODING (UK) CASE STUDY: Economic impacts? - Damage to roads cost £25million - Cost local water company £25million
What evidence is there for climate change? - Global temperatures increasing - Glacier retreat - Arctic ice cover - Ice core samples - Early springs
What is the Greenhouse Effect? Sun radiates down and reflects on the Earth, but is unable to escape to Space and instead gets trapped by the Ozone layer on Earth. This heats up the Earth
List some of the greenhouse gases - Methane - Carbon monoxide - Sulfur - Carbon dioxide
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