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What is Email? Email is a system that allows a network or internet user to send a message to another person with an email account. Email addresses are provided by an internet service provider.
An example of n email
Progress of an email 1. login 2. open an email program 3. write the email text 4. send the email incoming mail goes to your inbox
What does an address book do? Allows you to store email addresses.
What are Email Groups? You can create groups of addresses so a message can be sent to a group without having to type in all the individual email messages.
What is an inbox folder? The emails you receive are stored in a folder called an inbox folder
What is a reply? You can reply to an email and write a message back to the sender
What is forward? You can forward an email to another users address
What is an outbox folder? The emails that that are waiting to be sent are stored In the outbox
What is sent items? A record of all the emails that you have sent are stored in a folder called sent items
What are deleted items? All the emails that you have deleted are stored in the deleted item folder. This is sometimes called a bin.
What is carbon copy cc? Allows other people to see the email, though it is not directly sent to them.
An example of cc? a newspaper journalist sending the front page article to the editor will the cc her boss in to show has sent it on time
What is blind carbon copy? Allows you to send an email to more than one person but you do not want the receivers to see each others email addresses
What is attachments? A file attachment is a file that has been attached to an email
What is an email signature? This can be attached with your email automatically. this might be your name, address and mobile number
Advantages and disadvantages of email? Advantage= emails arrive within seconds It is relatively cheap and easy method of communication Disadvantage= Physical object such as parcels cannot be sent A large amount of unwanted spam emails can be received
What is webmail? Webmail is a means of sending and receiving emails using a website. Webmail allows users to send and receive emails by visiting an online website
Security Spam- can quickly clutter up your system Phishing- emails pretend to come from an official organisation and ask you for your personal and bank details and if you reply they can steal your money Cyber bullying- Emails that sometimes can be offensive or harmful to others
Measures that need to be taken to prevent misuse of email services Email monitoring- this protects against terrorist and criminals. can also be used to detect abusive emails
What is CAL? Computer assisted learning is a way to learn a skill using a computer or interactive software on a DVD/ CD by use of the internet. Using CAL can be more enjoyable .
What is VLE? Virtual learning environment is a software system that uses the internet to support teaching and learning. It provides a set of tools that allows teachers to set up learning material. Feedback can be given to teach particular topics and pupils can work at their own pace.
What is the internet? The internet can help with research, discussion groups can be formed on the internet through forums. Email can provide contact with pupils in other schools.
What is application software? DTP software can help pipil's present work. E.G. leaflet Spreadsheets can be used to screate charts and organise numerical data Databases can be used to store, search, sort data and produce reports.
What is distance learning? Means studying for a qualiification from home, using onlne learning, web pages and then taking an exam online
Advantages of Distance learning? -You can learn anytime, anywhere -Learning can be done at your own pace -There are often online chat roms and Dicussion forums whereyou can discuss ideas/ problems
Disadvantages of Distance learning? -No tutor to discuss problems - Students feel isolated -There may be a lack of motivation if student can choose the frequency and times where learning takes place
What are online tutorials? The internet provides many tutorials E.g. BBC bite size. They may be interactive and animated which allows pupils to see what happens in a different situation.
Advantages of online tutorials? - Readily Avaliable -No teacher is required -Questins are answered quickly - On screen demonatrations
Disadvantages of online tutorials? - No teacher to ask questions - Cannot skip bits you already know - May proceed at a steady speed which dosen's suit you
What is online assesment? Associated with online and distance learning. Exams can be taken online. Quesions on screen, answer via mouse on a keyboard. Marks are immediately avaliable.
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