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Question Answer
against He stood against the wall.
enough I have had enough!
four 4
_each beach bleach reach teach peach
sign Please sign here...........
perhaps Perhaps we have a card for perhaps but perhaps we don't.
quite Orange is quite a bright colour.
leave Please don't leave early.
said Yolanda said, 'No more triggers please.'
_oa_ boat road soap
answer Yolanda knew the answer.
0-e coke
were We were working hard. We were at school.
here <----
au August, Autumn, taught, daughter
ought You ought to have got a platinum certificate
b bag
gi ge gy giant gentelman
whole whole pizza
ou cloud
third 3rd
ee see green week
ur fur purr
ruin the old house was in ruins
_tion detention
_ell sell bell tell fell
ai A train
ph graph phone
_ind i find ryan to be a kind person
garden back garden
quite shhhhhhh
ar star
aw paw saw
ga go gu bang
war world war 2
ce ci cy ceutre city cycle
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