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What is a force? A push or a pull
What unit of measurement is used for force? Newtons
What is friction? The force two surfaces exert when they rub together
What are the two factors that affect the force of friction? How hard you’re pushing and the types of surfaces
What causes friction? When the irregularities of of surface rub on another surface
What direction does friction move when an object is moving? The opposite direction
What are the 4 types of friction? Fluid, rolling, sliding, and static
What does fluid mean? A material that can easily flow
What is gravity? A force that pulls objects towards each other
What is the law of universal gravitation? Gravity acts between all objects
What two factors affect the force of gravity? Mass and distance
What is weight? The measurement of the force of gravity on an object
What is mass? The measurement of how matter in an object
What unit of measurement is used to measure mass? Kilograms
What unit of measurement is used to measure weight? Newtons
What is the difference between weight and mass? 1. Weight changes depending on where you are in the universe and mass does not 2. Mass is the measurement of matter is in an object while weight is measuring the force of gravity
What is free fall? When the only force acting on an object is gravity.
When an object is in free fall, at what rate do all objects accelerate because of the force of gravity on Earth? 9.8 m/s/s
What is air resistance? A type of friction that happens while experiencing fluid friction.
What affects the amount of air resistance that acts on an object? How big the surface area of the object is
What is terminal velocity? When air resistance equals the weight of the object
What is a projectile? A thrown object
What happens when you drop an object and an object is thrown horizontally forward at the same time? The objects will hit the ground at the same time because they fall at the same rate.
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