C4E The Group 7 Elements


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What are the five elements in group7 known as and are they metals or non - metals? They are known as the halogens and have seven electrons in their outer shell as they are in group 7. They are non-metals.
At room temperature what colour are chlorine, bromine and iodine? chlorine - green gas bromine - orange liquid iodine - grey solid
What are the uses of iodine and chlorine? Iodine - antiseptic to sterilise wounds Chlorine - sterilise water and to make pesticides and plastics
Why do halogens become less reactive as we go down the group? They are less reactive because the outer shell is further away from the influence of the nucleus meaning that it is harder to gain an electron.
Fluorine is the first element in Group 7, and is therefore the most reactive in the group. This means that it will displace all of the other halogens from an aqueous solution of their metal halides. Astatine is the fifth element in group 7. Describe astatines properties and how reactive it would be and whether it would displace any other elements? Astatine - semi metallic radioactive element and is very rare and found only in small quantities. Is the least reactive halogen so would be unable to displace any of the other halogens from an aqueous solution of their metal halides.
What happens to the physical properties of halogens as we go down the group? The melting and boiling points of the halogens increase going down the group. The density also increase going down the group
The halogen s gain one electron to form a negative ion. What is this called and how would it be written (Use fluorine ions as an example) ? It is called reduction F2 + 2e- to 2F-
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