Independence Movements


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Partition Divided into different parts
Viceroy The governor of the colony of a monarchy
Apartheid Separation of the races created by white Africans
Zionism the political movement to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Lord Mountbatten The last British viceroy of India
Mohandas Gandhi Led the nonviolent resistance movement
Jawaharlal Nehru a close friend of Gandhi supported western-style industrialization
Nelson Mandela led the struggle against apartheid which finally ended in the 1990s.
Jomo Kenyatta became the recognized leader of the Kenyan independence movement
Gamal Abdul Nasser became the President of Egypt in 1954
Golda Meir lead Israel through the Yom Kippur War in 1973
Indian National Congress One of India’s oldest political party
Muslim League campaigned for a separate Muslim nation
Gandhi's tactics for independence Gandhi advocated civil disobedience and passive resistance to British rule. Gandhi had led protest against British rule even before WWI
Majority religion in India Hindu
Majority religion in Pakistan Muslim
Indian problems since independence Hindus in Pakistan moved to India. –Muslims in India moved to Pakistan
Africa example of peaceful independence Ghana
Africa example of violent independence Nigeria
Example of violent independence Algeria, South Africa, and Kenya
Mau Mau uprising hoped to win African control of the country through a gradual process. efforts were interrupted by the uprising of radical African nationalist.
French Mandates included Syria and Lebanon.
British Mandates included Jordan (originally Trans Jordan) and Palestine.
Nasser's Three main Accomplishments Nationalizing the Suez Canal. –Developing a close relationship with the Soviet Union. –Building the Aswan High Dam
Majority Religion Of Israel Jews
Yom Kippur War Israel soon defended itself against attacks by Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria •Golden Meir lead Israel through
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