Function and Relation Vocabulary

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Function and Relations Vocabulary

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Set A collection of distinct objects
Element One object in a set
Relation A rule that associates the elements of one set with the elements of another set
Arrow or Mapping Diagram This diagram is used to represent a relation. The oval represents the set and the arrows show the association between the sets.
Continuous Data Data that can take on any value within a range, On Graph: Points MUST be joined
Discrete Data Data which can only take on specific values
Interpolate Interpolation is an estimation of a value within two known values in a sequence
extrapolate To estimate a value outside a known range by assuming that the estimated value follows logically from the known values
Ordered Pairs Two numbers in order; the first number is is the x-value and the second number is the corresponding y-value
Input values Input values are anything in the given domain (Independent Value)
Output Value Output values are in the range. They depend on the input values.
Independent Value A value that is not determined by another value
Dependent Value A value that is determined by another value.
Function A relation in which each object from the first set is associated with exactly one object from the second set
Domain The first set of elements in a relation
Range The second set of elements of a relation
Linear Relation A relation that has a straight line on a graph
Rate of Change The change in one quantity with respect to the change in another quantity
X Intercept Th X coordinate of a point where the graph intersects the X- Axis
Y Intercept The Y coordinate of a point where the graph intersects the Y- Axis
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