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What are the Main Functions of the business and their purpose? 1. Human Resources -> concerned with managing people, hiring, firing and training 2. The Finance Department -> concerned with keeping an accurate record of the money movement in the business and predicting profits and loses 3. Sales and Marketing-> achieving target sales for products or services 4. Customer Services -> keeping customers happy, responding to queries and treatment 5. Production and Safety -> responsible for making the product to a standard quality in safe and efficient way 6. Research and Development-> to keep up with the competition to provide better products and better services to maintain and gain customers
What is administration? Administration involves the storing, processing, retrieving and spreading or disseminating information. Its purpose is to support the business function and communication so managers can concentrate on decision making.
What does administration involve? Administration involves the storing, processing, retrieving and spreading or disseminating information. This means things like; -preparing sales figures for meetings so others can make decisions, (e.g. to look for new products to sell) -storing information electronically with back ups in case they are damaged -processing invoices to an accounting system so they have a record of cash flow -retrieve information at any time
Why is administration so important? Without administration... -the company would not be able to see/know whether they are actually making a profit or loss -it keeps different departments in contact by spreading information, thus keeping everyone working towards the same aim -it allows the departments to focus on their jobs and managers to make decisions with full concentration. -This all affects the success of the business e.g. in achieving the aim to have a larger market share
What are operatives? Operatives are managed by supervisors and perform the tasks that are set by the managers and supervisors. They are at the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid who are responsible for making the product or delivering the services.
What are job roles? The positions in the business such as managers, supervisors and operatives in a hierarchal structure. Managers- organise and make decisions Supervisors- insure the operatives perform tasks diligently + may train them Operatives- perform the tasks
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