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What is a non-routine task? Give an example. Non-routine tasks are unpredictable and can cause problems in the business e.g. if they don't have the resources to perform them. For example, setting up a new branch, looking for new premises, recruiting staff or building work.
What is a routine task? Give an example. Routine tasks are ones done regularly possibly in order to survive and vary depending on the business and the area of it. For example, checking electrical equipment for legal and safety reasons, perhaps annually.
What are decision makers? Someone who is responsible for taking other views of employees, but they are responsible for making final choices in the business
Who are the decision makers? The decision makers in the business are usually managers and directors at the top of the business hierarchy.
What is planning? Is preparing resources, information, and actions before an event or before making a decision
What are the consequences of poor planning? Give an example Poor planning in all resources in the business could cause shortages - e.g. stock must be available continuously, and there must be enough staff to enable the business to carry out. If not, customers could be unhappy and if it is regular, they would move to another service. Whether it's through lack of stock or slow service.
What do you need to consider when planning for a meeting? - Who needs to attend -What will be needed (resources) -That they are allowed to reach a conclusion on a decision -Is the meeting small enough so people can discuss their views -Chairperson to monitor the proceedings -Secretary to take down minutes of the meeting
What is an agenda? It is a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting in chronological order, sent to all those attending to set out what is going to be discussed at the meeting and allows people to gather their thoughts and views before attending.
What is typically included in an agenda? -Apologies for any absences. -Date and time of the meeting -Matters from the minutes of the last meeting (to allow corrections) - Then, the main topic discussion itself -Any other business (any outside issues) -Date and time of next meeting
What is delegation? The passing of authority to someone lower down the hierarchy
What is centralised organisation? Where the decisions are made by one manager at the top of the organisation
What is decentralised organisation? Where an organisation's decisions are delegated to people lower down the management structure
What are minutes? A record of what happens at a meeting, taken by the meeting secretary
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