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What is an application form? A form with questions to answer and boxes to complete to apply for a job.
What information do companies ask for in an application form? Contact details, education history from secondary school, employment history, skills, training received, personal interests and references.
What is a letter of application? Why do companies ask for a letter of application? A letter of application is an opportunity for the applicant to write in detail about their strengths. Companies ask for these as it differentiates between those who are willing to put in the effort to get the job and those who are using a standard letter for multiple applications.
What is a CV and what does it include? A CV (curriculum vitae) is a detailed account of a person's education and work background.
What is short listing? A small number of applicants (around 5) who are selected from the long list to attend an interview.
How do some companies short list? Who does this task? What is a long list? Managers/ human resources will look at the applicant forms, letters and/or CVs and compare them to the person specification. Those who do not fit this will be rejected leaving those remaining on the long list. These will then be looked at in more detail and placed on the short list.
What is an interview? An interview is a face-to-face meeting between a candidate and a panel set up by the human resource department.
What is a reference and why do companies request them? A reference are ways to contact past employees/educators to back up their CVs. They do this to check whether the applicants performance, honesty and any other specific questions relevant to the job they have applied for.
Can successful applicants who have been short listed decline the job? Yes they leave a short period of time, after offering the job to the most promising candidate, to telling the other interviewers they were not successful just in case the chosen candidate declines.
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