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Mendaleev organized elements according to what? Their Atomic Mass (bigger number)
Why did Mendeleev leave gaps in his model of the periodic table? Because he had predictions as to what undiscovered element would fit there.
What is an atom? The smallest part of an element.
What particles are in an atom (subatomic particles)? Protons (+) & Neutrons ( )
Which subatomic particle has the smallest mass? Electron (1/1840) (negligible)
Where is most of the atom's mass found? In the Nucleus
What is the mass number? number of protons + neutrons (bigger number)
What is the atomic number? number of protons (smaller number)
What is relative atomic mass measured by the standard Carbon atom (12)
What makes an Isotope a difference in neutrons
What is an electron configuration the way electrons are arranged i.e. 2,4,2
What is an Ion an atom or group of atoms with positive or negative charge
What is a Cation a group of positively charged ions
What is an Anion a non-metal gains electrons to form a negatively charged anion.
What happens in Ionic Bonding Transfer of electrons to become positively/negatively charged
What is the ideal number of electrons in the outer shell? 8
Na2O means what that there are two sodium atoms for each oxygen one
What is a lattice structure an arrangement of ionic compounds i.e. box-like crystals
Ionic Compounds usually end in what? -ate / -ide
What are lattices held together by Strong electrostatic forces
What determines solubility? How easily a substance dissolves in a particular liquid
A salt is created how? by reacting an acid & alkali
What is a precipitation reaction soluble + soluble = insoluble
What does (aq) stand for aqueous solution - dissolved
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